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Training of notaries: our priority

Since 2014, and thanks to three successive training programmes supported by the European Commission, almost 5,000 notaries have been able to follow training in European law or the law of another Member State. This means that CNUE has directly contributed to the training of almost 12% of European notaries, mainly on succession law, family law and anti-money laundering.

As a result of these programmes, teaching tools and videos have been made available to a wider audience:

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The specific bequests

Matrimonial property regimes and succession

The European Certificate of Succession

Public order and recognition of judgements

Choice of law

Third countries

Habitual residence

The validity of wills

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Mook family law:


Mook against money laundering:


Training programme 2018-2020

> Discover the 2018-2020 training programme

Training programme 2020-2022

> Discover the 2020-2022 training programme

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