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Stand with Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, the international community witnessed the Russian Federation’s decision to invade Ukraine, a free country, a democracy. In response to a letter from the President of the CNUE, Giampaolo Marcoz, dated 25 February, the President of the Ukrainian Notariat Volodymyr Marchenko described the tragic situation of the Ukrainian people and called for assistance to the entire world notarial community.

In response to the brutality of the acts, once the initial struggle had passed, the CNUE quickly mobilised to provide an institutional and on the ground response to the crisis. An Extraordinary General Assembly of the CNUE was held on 1 March 2022 with the President of the Ukrainian Notariat, from his city of Kharkiv under bombardments. On that occasion, the CNUE adopted a resolution in which it strongly condemned the Russian aggression, announced the establishment of a coordination structure to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian citizens, affirmed its willingness to cooperate with national and European institutions in the application of financial sanctions against Russia and Belarus and, finally, granted observer status to the CNUE to the Chamber of Notaries of Ukraine.

Subsequently, at its General Assembly on 18 March, the CNUE took the decision to set up the “shelter for refugees” initiative , aimed at providing housing for Ukrainian refugees. The Presidents of the European Notariats have also committed to provide financial support (link to page) by donating EUR 150 000 to the Red Cross. In addition, a specific bank account has been set up to collect individual donations from citizens, notaries, local or national notarial chambers.


The European Commission’s Director of Civil and Commercial Justice, Salla Saastamoinen, took part in the General Assembly. She reviewed the various sanctions aimed at economically isolating Russia and Belarus and thereby having an impact on the fate of the war. Within the European Commission, a freeze and seize task force has been set up and coordinated by Commissioner Didier Reynders to ensure effective compliance with the measures.

The Task Force brings together the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, other services of the European Commission, the Member States as well as Eurojust and Europol. The CNUE assured the European Commission of its willingness to raise awareness among European notaries about the full application of sanctions, as well as its willingness to cooperate with the structures in place.

MsSaastamoinen also stressed the importance of improving knowledge of Ukrainian law as applicable in family and succession law cases. The CNUE has stated its intention to contribute to this objective, in particular through its information websites for the general public.

The European Notariats’ response to the Ukrainian crisis is not only institutional. On the ground, and particularly in the countries bordering Ukraine, notaries are being mobilised to help refugees.

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