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EU law for notaries – Notaries for EU law

With the support of the European Union and over a period of two years, the programme aims to train notaries in three priority areas of EU law:

1) family law ;

2) company law and

3) data protection law,

by combining interactive face-to-face seminars with e-learning. An important next step will be the preparation, development and implementation of an e-learning platform. This will host a number of webinars, e-learning modules and MOOCs on the three topics mentioned.

In this way, the CNUE intends to contribute to the new strategy for judicial training for the period 2021-2024, presented by the European Commission on 2 December 2020. This strategy broadens the scope of EU training offers to judicial professionals to include new areas of action, such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence. It also sets ambitious targets: by 2024, 30% of notaries should be trained in EU law every year.

Provisional calendar of seminars

Seminar “Data Protection”
Vilnius (Lithuania) – 10 February 2022

Seminar “Company law”
Munich (Germany) – 11 March 2022
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Seminar “Data Protection”
Porto or Lisbon (Portugal) – 4 April 2022

Seminar “Family Law”
Palermo (Italy) – 22 April 2022

Seminar “Company Law”
Vienna (Austria) – 12 May 2022

Seminar “Family Law”
Netherlands – 1 September 2022

Seminar “Data Protection”
Malta – 9 September 2022


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