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News CNUE, 25 October 2022

Workshop on Digitalisation of Justice – 24 October 2022, Brussels

The CNUE, in the person of its President Giampaolo Marcoz, took part on Monday 24 October in a workshop organised by the Czech Presidency of the EU and devoted to the digitalisation of justice. President Marcoz was invited to speak on a panel entitled “Reflections and possible ways forward – which areas of digitalisation of justice should a potential roadmap prioritise?”.

The debates were intended to hear the voices of different stakeholders and to discuss the outstanding challenges and opportunities at EU level where digitalisation could bring value. It was also an opportunity to suggest ways forward for the definition of a possible roadmap.

In the context of the important legislative proposals currently under discussion at the level of the European institutions, with the revision of the e-IDAS Regulation and the proposal for a Regulation on the digitalisation of justice systems, President Marcoz underlined that the major challenge for the notarial profession is to ensure legal certainty by default, without leaving out certain people, especially the vulnerable. For the CNUE, digitalisation should be a choice for the citizen, not an obligation.

As regards areas that should be further developed, President Marcoz highlighted the need to continue the process of interconnection of registers in Europe, taking as an example the ENRWA and the interconnection of the registers of wills and ECSs.

We support the principle of legal certainty by default. It is essential that the development of digital solutions in a cross-border context does not undermine legal certainty. Legal certainty and trust in the digital world are essential

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