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News CNUE, 12 June 2024

The CNUE welcomes three new observer members to its ranks

On 12 June in Vilnius, CNUE member and observer notariats met for their plenary General Assembly. This date marked a milestone in the history of the organisation. At the start of the proceedings, an official ceremony was held to celebrate the addition of three new observer members to the ranks of the CNUE: the notariats of Albania, Georgia and Moldova.

High-level representatives from the notarial and political institutions of these countries took part in the event, highlighting the importance of this decision, which brings these notariats closer to their European counterparts and symbolises a further step on their path towards European integration.

The Lithuanian Minister of Justice, Ewelina Dobrowolska, stressed that the CNUE offers its observer members a network of experts for the exchange of best practices, as well as an interface for dialogue with the European institutions and a valuable source of information for European citizens. She also urged the CNUE to continue providing support to Ukraine and its notariat.

The President of the UINL, Lionel Galliez, the First Deputy Minister of Justice of Georgia, Tamar Tkeshelachvili, and the Ministers of Justice of Albania, Ulsi Manja, and Moldova, Veronica Michailov-Moraru, also expressed their appreciation of this further step towards European integration, which is the outcome of a process of consolidation and cooperation between the notariats of these countries, their national institutions and the European notariats.

At the General Assembly, the President of the Ukrainian notariat, Volodymyr Marchenko, thanked the European notariat for its support since the beginning of the war. He described how the support provided by the CNUE was used in practical terms on the ground, for notaries and their families. The President of the CNUE, Marius Stračkaitis, reminded participants that a conference would be organised on 13 September in Vilnius under the sponsorship of the Lithuanian Minister of Justice on the topic of “Strengthening the Rule of Law and the Notariat: Insights from the European Union Members and Ukraine”. The conference will be devoted to the strengthening of the notarial profession and the improvement of cooperation, with the participation of CNUE members and observer countries, as well as representatives of European, Ukrainian and Lithuanian institutions.

Finally, the participants discussed the results of the European elections and the institutional deadlines that will follow, in particular the appointments to the highest European posts – Presidency of the Commission, Presidency of the European Council and High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs.

Copyright photos Eduardas Bareika

Lithuanian Minister of Justice, Ewelina Dobrowolska

Lionel Galliez, President of the UINL

Volodymyr Marchenko, President of the Ukrainian notariat

First Deputy Minister of Justice of Georgia, Tamar Tkeshelachvili,

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