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National news, 2 November 2020

News from the European notariats

In recent weeks, several presidents of European notariats have been confirmed in their functions or are starting their new responsibilities:

In Belgium, Me Philippe DE Jonghe, notary in Ostend, has succeeded Me Marc Bombeeck as President of the National Chamber of Belgian Notaries as of 1 September 2020. He will also replace him as Co-President of the International Council of Belgian Notaries.

In Estonia, Ms Merle Saar-Johanson, notary in Tallinn, was re-elected on 30 October 2020 as President of the Estonian Chamber of Notaries for a three-year term. Mr Erki Põdra, notary in Tallinn, succeeds Mr Anne Saaber as Vice-President.

In France, Mr. David Ambrosiano, notary in Fontaine (Isère), succeeded Mr. Jean-François Humbert as President of the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat for a two-year term as of 20 October 2020.

In Lithuania, on 19 September 2020, Mr. Marius Stračkaitis was re-elected as President of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries and Ms. Daiva Lukaševičiūtė-Binkulienė was re-elected as Vice President for the term 2020-2023.


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