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News CNUE, 22 November 2021

CNUE Futurology Forum

On 22 November, the French notariat hosted the CNUE Futurology Forum. Chaired by Mr Tamás Parti, this forum devoted to the future of notarial IT meets once or twice a year.

The session started with a sharing of experiences on dematerialisation in the banking sector. Firstly, the “Banque des territoires” presented how data held by various public and private players could be used for the development of cities. Indeed, as part of a major French national plan to revitalise medium-sized towns (revitalisation of shops, renovation, transformation of buildings), the “Banque des territoires” is financing projects to exploit this data in order to help public decision-makers take the right direction. Then, the “Banque Postale” presented the new online approaches it was offering to its private customers and the impact on its internal organisation.

The participants discussed a future data strategy for the European notariat and the risks of data protection when using artificial intelligence in the notariat. Several notariats in the European Union are setting up or considering setting up projects that will work with artificial intelligence. For example, it may be a question of better analysing the data collected by notaries or of better analysing case law or regulatory texts in order to better advise clients.

Finally, the forum looked at the revision of the European e-IDAS regulation. The participants discussed at length the opportunities offered by the future European digital portfolio. This will be deployed throughout the European Union in a few years’ time. This wallet will be equipped with quality proofs, which will reduce the number of documents or certificates that need to be produced when going through administrative procedures online. In particular, a “family composition” attribute is planned, which is of particular interest to notaries.

Lastly, the participants were interested in the rules on long-term archiving.

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